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Exhibit at exhibit at "TENJIN 141 Gallery".



ALL MY LOVING will exhibit at TENJIN 141 Gallery.

This event will be held this weekend at "Damaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store Antenna Plus".

In this event we will only sell bags and accessories.
(We do not sell clothes)

A new line of tote bags made with Kimono Textile'Hakata-Ori′  and Japanese denim,
accessories made with Kimono Textile'Hakata-Ori′ and indigo dyed denim will also appear.

Please come by all means when you visit Fukuoka.


Place: Hakata Daimaru Antenna Plus
Date: June 15 (Sat) to 18 (Tue), 2019     10:00 to 20:00



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Fukuoka Limited! Men's accessories.



ALL MY LOVING also makes men's accessories. Tie pins using Japanese traditional crafts "Hakata Ori".

A cufflink button using Japanese traditional crafts "Hakatai".

It is made entirely by craftsmen by hand and there is only one in the world. It is a limited item that You can buy only in Fukuoka, Japan.


▼ Details of ALL MY LOVING


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ALL MY LOVING uses only denim made in Japan.


The history of jeans (denim) began in the United States.
Production of denim is started before long in Kurashiki-shi (called Kojima city) in the 1960s.
"The Japanese denim" produced in Japan gets an overwhelming evaluation from high technology and good material now.
The person liking overseas fashions chooses the Japanese denim.
A voice of much praise is finished to denim made in Japan from the world.
It is, for example, ...
"The quality that the Japanese denim is the number one in the world." 」
"A Japanese understands a true good point". 」
"I wear the denim from Japan, and a feeling is the best". 」
"The feature of the Japanese denim is that an appearance is beautiful". 」
"Does the Japanese make clothes?" Or do you make art?……? 」
"The denim made in Japan is splendor of the special case". 」
"Japan lets you sublimate in anything". 」
"The of the best best as for the Japanese brand." 」
"Japan calls the different name a denim kingdom"……. 」
It is evaluated as follows labelling it.
"The jeans were made by an American". Ironically, the "art" was completed by a Japanese hand. 」
The reasons why denim made in Japan is evaluated that much all over the world include the following things.
・High quality for material "
・The best and the Japanese craftsman ship which are declared
・Passion and love to hang to the denim
・It is labor and time or rejects it without pursuing productivity
・The making of polite thing by the expert craftsman
・All compromise is not permitted.
In other words "it is the faith that I put to a technique" of the Japanese craftsman.
ALL MY LOVING makes clothes only with denim cloth for "Made in JAPAN".
The nucleus made with clothes of ALL MY LOVING "is the Japan quality that was full of quality".
And it "is essence of wearing clothes" that we want to contribute to the customer.



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Introduction of designer Seiji Amamoto



After having graduated from a fashion technical school, he works as a designer, a patterner with a high-quality women's wear brand.
He established his company "ALL MY LOVING DESIGN" independently afterwards in 2008.
I announce the work as designer / patterner around Asia based in Fukuoka.
The denim clothes using tradition textile "Hakata fabrics" of Fukuoka with the history more than 700 years that are one of his masterpieces are evaluated high abroad.
The reason is because it is of high quality with a design.
He energizes as brand produce and a school teacher using his abundant knowledge and experience and high technique.



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ALL MY LOVING is a high-quality denim brand from Fukuoka.
Spirited designer Seiji Amamoto that the designer lives in Fukuoka.
Seiji Amamoto designs it; is simple, and a modern design gets a favorable reception.
And his prominent pattern technique and careful handwork add higher value to a refined design.
The brand concept "dresses a tradition well for daily life".
I use only denim made in Japan of the high quality for material.

Because clothes are made by original cutting technology and needlework, I do not do the mass production in the sewing factory
I perform all processes in company atelier and produce the denim product of the highest peak.

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I hold POP UP SHOP in Daimaru Tenjin



I hold POP UPSHOP in Daimaru Tenjin, Fukuoka store to ㈫ on ㈬ - 20th on February 14.
It is begun to sell S/S from improving this POP in 2018.
Sky Denim characterized by the blue reflecting the image of the clean spring sky where gentle light pours into is the best recommended this spring.
I look and develop such spring denim that I wear it, and a mood rises.
A trend continues the denim by the world collection this season sequentially.
I think that a lot of new work denim which evolved is announced by each brand.
Please meet favorite denim in 2018 Collection of ALL MY LOVING.
Place: First floor up escalator side
Day: 2/14㈬ - 2/20㈫

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